Saturday, 20 September 2008

Walk in the Woods

On Saturday 6th September I went for a walk in Queen's Wood, North London, as part of the exhibition Take a Walk in the Park. Along my way I secreted matchbox rizla drawings and Pie Napkins amongst the foliage. You can see where I deposited the drawings in the posts for my Day 1 Walk.

On Sunday 7th September I returned, after a night of rain, to attempt to find the drawings, and to see what condition they were in after spending a night in the woods. In the posts for my Day 2 Walk you can see which matchboxes and Pie Napkins I was able to find, and how they had been changed by the wood.

I managed to retrieve some of the drawings and dry them out. You can compare the condition of the drawings after being in the woods all weekend with their condition before going into the woods.

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