Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Handkerchief Show at Cecil Sharp House

Here are some installation shots of 'Flash Company: A Handkerchief Show at Cecil Sharp House' (see my previous posts for more details). There is a catalogue of the show on the Flash Company blog, where you can see full details of all the work.

Clockwise from top left, handkerchiefs by: Gwen Brunton, Adam Rompel, Matthew Cowan, Gail Burton, Bishi & Giles Pearson, Sam Lee, Mami Fujita, John Lawrence.

OVER: Protestation Handkerchief, by Gail Burton

Flash company....been the ruin of me, by Bishi & Giles Pearson

Handkerchief from the series 'love spray', by Matthew Cowan.

Killimangina by Serena Korda

Untitled handkerchief by Clare Qualmann

'One thing. Anything. Two things. Many things.' (A playground chant recorded in Bethnal Green in 1972 by Mike Talbot.) by Mike Berners-Winters.

Brown Spotted Mouse by Billy Childish.

Over: Protestation Handkerchief

I made this Protestation Handkerchief for a group exhibition called 'Flash Company': a handkerchief show at Cecil Sharp House, curated by Matthew Cowan. The exhibition is open from 30th April 2009 until 28th June 2009. There is more information about the exhibition on the Flash Company blog. The English Folk Dance and Song Society news page also has information about the exhibition, and EFDSS generally.

Unfolding 'Over: Protestation Handkerchief'