Friday, 21 December 2012

Blake and Ololon on Resonance FM

Today at 2.30pm 'Blake and Ololon', a sound piece by Marco and me, will be broadcast on 'Wavelength', William English's programme on Resonance FM.  This is a new edit of the sound piece which accompanied our performance 'Blake and Ololon' on 26th November 2012. (Please see earlier posts for details of the performace and exhibition it was part of).

Blake and Ololon performance

On Monday 26th November 2012 Marco and I did a performance called 'Blake and Ololon', accompanied by our Blake and Ololon sound piece, (a shorter edit of which will be broadcast on Resonance FM on Friday 21st December).   The performance was part of the exhibition 'Illuminations', an exhibition of small illuminated works and performance inspired by William Blake and curated by Helen Elwes and Stephen Micalef, which took place in the Crypt of the Church of St George the Martyr (see previous posts for more details).

All photos by Joe Burton, except where indicated 

Photo (below) by Calum F. Kerr