Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Brown Food Afternoon

I am holding a Brown Food Afternoon on Sunday the 15th of February, the closing day of my exhibition The Sky is Always Blue, The Grass is Always Green. It would be great if you would like to join me in celebrating/experiencing/photographing/sampling and even eating many varieties of brown food – pies, puffs and buns! In addition to a selection of brown food chosen by myself, there will also be an opportunity during the afternoon to make your own selection from a range of pizza and takeaway menus, which will then be ordered in. I hope to see some stuffed crusts, twizzlers and curly fries!

I will be at home for the Brown Food Afternoon between 2pm and 5pm – you are welcome to join me at some point. It will also be the final chance to see my exhibition for SHOWFLAT, which includes the Pie Napkins, Matchbox Rizla Archive, Balaclava Women, Suicide Bomber and Suffragette Portraits. Alternatively, you may like to view images from the exhibition on my updated blog – see below! - and on the SHOWFLAT news page, which also includes many photos from the flat party.

During the afternoon we will be drawing the raffle. The prize is a framed drawing from the exhibition – tickets are £1.

RSVP for the Brown Food Afternoon to or by phone on 07530 649654.
I hope to see you there!