Friday, 13 March 2009

Recriminations/Menacing Napkins

I made a set of ten Recriminations/Menacing Napkins for Hovel, Michael Curran's new project. In the aftermath of Hovel's inaugural event, The Birthday Party, (during which my first set of ten Menacing Napkins were distributed/destroyed/grubbied with cake) artists returned to the space to deposit and install new work for the forthcoming Hovel Exhibition.
You can see my first set of Menacing Napkins on earlier blog posts, and more images of Hovel events on my flickr site

Nothing Left Napkin

You've Had It Napkin

Take It Away Napkin

Over Napkin

That's The Last Slice Napkin 2

You Can't

No More Of It Napkin

Too Much Napkin

No More napkin

Do It Again napkin