Friday, 19 September 2008

Walk in the Woods - Day 2

On Sunday 7th September, the second day of the exhibition Take a Walk in the Park, I walked through Queen’s Woods to find the matchboxes and napkin drawings that I had deposited there the day before. The route I had taken on Saturday when I placed the drawings in the woods had begun from the main clearing, so I started from there on my walk to find them. I was able to remember some of my route and to find locations on it where I had left matchboxes and napkins. I could not, however, remember all of the route or places where I had left drawings. Sometimes I found drawings nearby to where I had left them, sometimes exactly where I had left them, and sometimes they were gone. I did not remember at all where some of the drawings had been, and did not find them. Sometimes I encountered a drawing unexpectedly, having forgotten where it was. I have posted pictures of the matchboxes and napkins that I did find below, in the order that I originally placed them on my route through the woods. You can compare the condition and variety of drawings on my Day 2 walk to those on my Day 1 walk

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