Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Showflat 7 - The Annuale

I am taking part in the first group show of the Showflat artists - 'Showflat 7, The Annuale', which marks a year of Showflat exhibitions. The exhibition runs from Saturday 25th July to Sunday 2nd August 2009, daily from 10am to 6pm, in a house in Mile End, London. The opening Flat Party is on Friday 24th July from 7pm to 12am. Please contact me at gailburton2@hotmail.com for more details, or visit Showflat

‘Showflat 7 - The Annuale’ is the first group show with all of the Showflat artists, who have had individual Showflat exhibitions over the last year. Whereas each of those exhibitions took place in the artist’s own flat, 'The Annuale' will take place in the house of Nathaniel Clark, the Showflat curator (Showflat is conceived and created by Mario Borza, who will also be exhibiting).

For my piece in the exhibition I am installing OVER: Protestation Banner. The banner has endured ten days in the outdoors and three marching performances; I hope that coming to rest for a week during The Annuale it can exist as a relic of its role and uses so far. The banner will be hung in the style of a ‘church banner’ in the high space of the stairwell. You are invited to process up the fifty stairs to the top of the house – up the five flights to the fifth floor – to witness the ‘OVER: Protestation Banner’. Relic of Three Banner Marches, created to reflect on the role of protest - in the light of the death of Ian Tomlinson, the Global Financial Crisis, and more personal resonances – the banner now resides at the top of the stairs. Endure the five-flights’ procession to view the banner and interpret its ambiguous message in the context of Showflat 7: The Annuale.

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