Saturday, 31 January 2009

The Sky is Always Blue, the Grass is Always Green

My exhibition The Sky is Always Blue, the Grass is Always Green, for SHOWFLAT is open until the 15th February 2009. The exhibition includes my archive of Matchbox Rizla Drawings, available to visitors to open and view. The Balaclava Women portraits are displayed in the bedroom. There are two installations of collage drawings: in the bathroom Pie Napkins - Epidemic; in the kitchen Pie Napkins - Crisis/More. And as you arrive, there is the Hall of Suffragettes (and others). To make an appointment to view the work please email, or contact me at Alternatively, see my blog below for a sample of the work. The SHOWFLAT news page has more photos from the exhibition and flat party, taken by Jamie Archer, who took many of the photos shown here.

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